Annual Membership Program

Annual Membership Includes:

  • Cleanings & Exams

    Each member will receive 2 cleanings and 2 check-up exams per year. A $336 value

  • Fluoride Treatment

    Children 16 years and younger will receive 2 Fluoride treatments per year. An $88 value

  • Additional Emergency Exam

    Each member will be provided an additional emergency exam at no additional cost. A $90 value

  • X-Rays

    Each Member shall receive any x-rays necessary for treatments. X-rays are provided at no additional cost. A $307 value

  • Discount on Services

    Each member shall receive a 20% discount on nearly all other services, such as:

    • Fillings
    • Root Canals
    • Extractions
    • Crowns and Bridges
    • Scaling & Root Planing
    • Night Guards
    • Many other Services

  • Discount on Invisalign┬« & Whitening Procedures

    Members will also receive a 15% discount on Invisalign® and Whitening procedures.

Minimum Value of this plan is $821, that’s $572 in savings every year!

Assuming that Appointments are consistently kept. This is not an insurance plan. Patients are responsible for scheduling appointments for covered services during the term of membership. This plan is non-refundable through the 12 months of membership. “Care Enough to Share” referrals may not be used toward the purchase of the plan.