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Thank you for choosing us to care for you and your family. Our goal has always been to provide you with the highest quality dental care in the friendliest, most caring way possible. We hope the care you received from our doctors and staff was exemplary and that you will share your great experience with others.

Leave us a review!

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I was hoping to find a local practice with the latest technology and qualified staff and I was not one bit disappointed. From the office staff who greeted me to the dental technician and dentist who examined me, I was impressed with their friendliness, helpfulness and the high quality of care. Their offices were modern, attractive and clean and their equipment seemed top-notch to me. I’d heartily recommend LLDC to anyone looking for a good dental practice.A Pleased Patient

Awesome! Life Long Dental is the best dental office I have ever been a patient of. Everyone is so kind, knowledgeable and does their best to make each patient feel comfortable. From a simple cleaning, to having dental work done, I always feel very well taken care of and surrounded by educated individuals who know what they are doing! Not only that, everyone from the dental assistants to the dentist provides a lot of information regarding different procedures and the reasoning behind their recommendations. They always make sure I am comfortable with their recommendations before proceeding. Thank you everyone, you are an example of an optimal dental office that other establishments should look up to.A Happy Patient

Wonderful place to have your dental work done. If you’re afraid of the dentist, go here! They are extremely competent and very accommodating. Dr. Deros is a great guy, both professionally and personally.A Life Long Patient

I was very impressed with Dr. Batchelder. She took the time to review the treatments and answer questions while presenting alternatives. Also, Angela was terrific. Very personable and put any anxiety at ease.An Anxious Patient

Thank you Dr. Long for the exceptional service you provided when I needed a repair to a damaged tooth. It looks better than new and I have been smiling ever since I left your office! Life Long Dental fitted me into their schedule right away and ensured I was well cared for. If you are looking for a new dentist along the Connecticut Shoreline, please call Dr. Long’s office…he and his team are the very best.A Delighted Patient

Thank you for taking your time with my 2 1/2 year old daughter and giving me so much comfort that I came to the right place. I was expecting my little girl to completely lose it, but the tech and the doctor did a wonderful job in making her feel comfortable.A Grateful Patient

I have always been a super nervous person when it comes to having work done on my teeth, gums, etc. Dr. Long and Dr. Benoit have always done everything in their power to help make the experience far less nerve-wracking. The hygienist Holly is absolutely the BEST!!!!! I hope I never have to go anywhere else!! I even had a friend from west coast Canada who had been going all kinds of complicated implants and such who broke a tooth while flying out here. They took her in on an emergency basis during a winter storm and did a temporary fix that she said was better than what her own dentists had been doing.An Enthusiastic Patient